fresh installation under CPANEL/Wordpress/Softalicious, admin login just does not work at all

I have gone through a point and click installation process for SuiteCRM that is made available from Wordpress Softalicious installer under the CPANEL system for a site hosted at This is a basic standard installation. All I changed were a few normal options like install directory, created an admin password. Everything seems to install perfectly but I simply cannot log in to the admin account. I tried multiple times. I went back and reset the admin username password multiple times. No good. I deleted the entire installation and started again, same result. I clicked on forgot password, but it did not like my admin + email address combination, so that got me nowhere either. It is like the admin account just does not exist. Any suggestions?

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I reported this issue to Jumpline technical support. They were unable to resolve and refer it back to SuiteCRM. Their response is below. Any resolution or should I give up trying to install this product? Such a shame I am sure you went to a lot of trouble to create it.

"We have tested the logs of suite crm and found some timezone based error which we have corrected but the login page is still behaving the same and no more errors are showing on the error logs. Also, I have enabled error loging inside the index.php page to see if that made any difference but unfortunately it did not made any difference.

I have referred some of the suite CRM forum regarding the error and as per the suggestion in that, I have tried login after increasing the php memory limit but that also did not solve the issue. I have also tried after refreshing all the caches but that also did not made any difference.

Since suite CRM is a third party software and we are no longer able to view any errors from it, we are unable to troubleshoot the issues further and request you to kindly contact the software vendor and areport the issue. Another option is to try manually installing the application (Without softaculous).

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Why don’t you just download the most current copy from SuiteCRM and just install it manually.

It’s not that hard. There’s a great video on youtube about how to install SuiteCRM on shared hosting.

I assure you it works. If it still doesn’t work, you should consider a different host. I have a bunch of installations running on Godaddy shared hosting. You have to tweak some settings in the PHP.ini file (as noted on SuiteCRM installation guide), but it runs fine for me.