Fresh install using Softaculous, images seem to be missing?

Hello all,

I’m fairly new to SuiteCRM - but it looks awesome. I’ve just done my first install on my VPS using Softaculous – all seems to have gone smoothly, but it seems like a lot of images are missing for some reason. A lot are there, too. I’m a bit confused. Also, is it normal that when you create a new admin user, they’re sent some kind of gibberish like this?
Hi $contact_first_name $contact_last_name,
Your case $acase_name (# $acase_case_number) has been closed on $acase_date_entered
Status $acase_status
Reference $acase_case_number
Resolution $acase_resolution

Would anyone mind pointing me in the right direction?


Might be worth checking to see if the images exist within the instance and that the permissions are correct.

images can be found themes/Sugar5/images

chances are its a permission issue and you need to update your permissions on the files.



Thanks for the help! It looks like under themes, I only hate “default” , “SuiteR”, and “Suite7” – all of them have an images folder, and all of them are set as 755 (they were 644 after install, I changed all to 755 while troubleshooting.)

I also checked the source for installation (downloaded from this site), it also only has the same 3 directores, no mention of Sugar5. I also notice that when I go to themes, where it lists “suiter” and “suite7” the preview images are missing.

It’s strange that all of the images in the control panel works though, isn’t it?




I downloaded suiteCRM and unzipped it. Now gazillion folders and files unzipped. It is in my download folder. Cannot find any setup ot install file. How do you install this program?

it not that kind of program it is a web app, you can find install instrutions here

although if you prefer you could install it using a bitnami stack available here which should just be a exe, which you may be more familiar with

Would anyone mind trying to point me in the right direction? I’m about ready to give up on this. :frowning:

The host running my VPS seems to think this could be a permissions issue as well. I’m finding really mixed information on permissions in the forums, possibly some outdated, do any of you Suite guru’s think I should try 777 on themes? Any definitive rule of setting permissions? Everything is 755 at the moment.

My hosts response (I don’t want to change the whole server…)

This doesn’t appear to be a permissions issue as I’m able to access the image directly (first image in the themes section. This being said I’m not finding any logged errors when loading the page. Looking at ,it seems that there is a way to troubleshoot CRM issues, but when enabling the logging to debug, the option is not saved, which is most likely due to the scripts not being able to edit the necessary config file (permissions problem). Typically CMS software like this work best when running PHP as suphp. Currently PHP is set to run as DSO meaning that all PHP scripts are executed by user ‘nobody’. When suphp is enabled a parallel process is start each time a script is executed under the user who owns the script, in this case it would be tekbuild. This allows your script to run under the same user as your files which wipes out all permissions related problems. The negative of doing this is that it requires more resources to run. We can switch the server to run suphp, but must run a script to update permissions and ownerships across all of your users. Once the permissions update is complete, it can not be undone without a full restore to the /home directory (all mail and web files are stored here). Alternatively you can try to figure out what directories/files need to be writable by CRM and change those to have 777 perms.

For anyone searching: the above didn’t fix it. Nothing did. All permissions were proper, images were in fact there, and it did this on two different servers. We installed X2 CRM and called it a day.