fresh Install SUiteCRM 7.11.7 - Popup and menu displayed "Undefined"

Dear all.
i just fresh installed suiteCRM. and i realized there is a error in popup displayed.
i have another instance of SuiteCRM version 7.10.18. and the issue is not happen in that instance.
can you you guys help me ?



sounds like you haven’t set up all file permissions/ownerships.

Please make sure that you’ve followed these steps from the manual:

note: user/group www-data might differ on your system.

Hi Diligent,
thanks for you quick reply.
before your reply i already change the permission for cache custom modules themes data upload to 777.
also have done the repair process. but the issue label “Undefined” is not solved.

should i wipe all and reinstall again?

hi, I already reinstall from scratch and follow the guide line to change folder permission before run the install.php.
but the issue still exist.
need help for this

If you are using Linux, you can try this:


  • run Admin->Repair->Quick Repair and Rebuild
  • Clear cache (Ctrl+F5)

hi @amarussi,
try your suggestion and run it with repair several times. but the issue is still exist.

In the past I had the same problem. I could fix it by checking the .htaccess. Pay attention to the correct /RedirectBase.

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hi japio,
can you explain more about the step.
i’m really new in SuiteCRM


Send me an email to and we take it from there.