Fresh install php error when accessing web interface

Be gentle on me, I’m fairly new to setting these types of things up.

I have a fresh setup following “Computing for Geeks” setup of SuiteCRM on CentOS8. I used all the suggested apps; nginx and MariaDB.

My first issue issue was not being able to find the web address it had me setup. I got around that by adding a line in the /etc/hosts file to direct me there.

Now I am getting to SuiteCRM but getting a php sessions configuration error. It directs me to /etc/php.ini to check my settings.

Does anyone have a suggestion of where I can start to get more information?

Hi @ndclapp,

Welcome to the community!!!

Please use these configuration to make sure it works properly :
It’s from SugarCRM but it is valid for SuiteCRM as well.