Fresh install of SuiteCRM 8.3.1 and cannot log in

Fresh install of SuiteCRM 8.3.1 which was a pain to install, because my server had PHP 8.1 and 8.2. So the service provider made a new PHP available for me in a sub-domain. Then they installed all the missing packages and finally after a week of waiting I got SuiteCRM installed. Now I cannot get pass the login screen. The installatron username&password does not work or admin&admin. Maybe this is not the CRM for me…

Changed the pwd in the database. No change in behaviour

That 500 error means PHP is crashing when handling your request.

Ensure that you are within the matrix:

and check your php_errors.log for FATALs

Hi and thx for the reply. I thought I was in the matrix, if the Suite installs with Installatron :frowning: The support people installed a new php for me, when the suite was not installing at all. I think I have all the plugins that the documentation says I need. How could I figure out what is still wrong? I might have access to at least some of the apache logs, but it is a hosted system, so not all of the logs

Open the login page in your browser(ready to make a login attempt)

Go to your SuiteCRM root folder
Open the file .env
There will be a line like

Change it to
Save the file

And try to login now in the browser inspector in the network tab see what is the response of the login request

This will give you more information about the error


ok it says PDO is missing

Do you have php-mysql installed?