Fresh install of 7.1.1 fails email test with Amazon SES

I’ve spent many hours on this and I’m stumped. The Amazon SES credentials work just fine if I run a test via telnet to port 587, but it fails through SuiteCRM.

Here are the log entries in sugarcrm.log:

Sun Jul 6 12:18:45 2014 [1489][702aff12-40b8-5932-269c-539fe8a7635f][FATAL] SMTP -> ERROR:Password not accepted from server. Code: 535 Reply: 535 AUTH failed
Sun Jul 6 12:18:45 2014 [1489][702aff12-40b8-5932-269c-539fe8a7635f][FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: The following From address failed:

So it looks like the password is not accepted by the SMTP server the way SuiteCRM is sending it. Yet it works just fine with other clients and via telnet. Could SuiteCRM be mangling the password along the way? I’ve also recreated the SES account several times, using new passwords with the same results.

For reference, I’m using port 587 and TLS.

Is anyone successfully using Amazon’s AWS SES to send mail with SuiteCRM?


It looks like this is related to SugarCRM issue #65271 SMTP email password gets cleared in Admin > Email Settings when accessed by a non-default admin user causing “Send Test Email” to fail.

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