FreePBX call log linking

I have FreePBX CRM Module installed and setup and am successfully syncing inbound and outbound calls in SuiteCRM. However in Call History the Name section only shows “Outbound call to xxxxxx1055” How can I link that phone number to the customer/company name and have it displayed? I’d rather it just show the Company or Customer name since the destination column already has the phone number dialed listed.

I am wanting to set up the Freepbx with CRM suite, can indicate how to do?

I’ve been meaning to write up an in-house how to. For the time being most of the instructions came from here:


As with most guides on the internet they always seem to leave out one key little piece, but both pretty much got me going with a little googling on the side.

I setup an Amazon AWS account and used Ubuntu hosted on one of their smallest instance servers, which works out to about $17/month for me and was plenty fast to handle our office setup.
You’ll need to purchase the CRM module from FreePBX and install it. I can’t help you with that as our phones are through a provider, I told them what I wanted and they made it happen.

The trickiest part for me was getting the security set right, I didn’t want a server out on the internet with all of our customer data in it. I setup firewall rules to only allow access from our office, which was easy. The hard part was getting the right IP and port of the phone company. Netstat was a lifesaver there, I could watch what was trying to come in while making a phone call and retrieve the IP and port trying to come in.

I will work on a more definitive guide if you need.

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Very nice explanation. Thank you. When you are with the guide can pass please.
Another which link you made to purchase since CRM module FREEPBX?

Just want to point out for anyone else looking for help that this thread doesn’t answer the OP’s question.