Found code to fix spacing issue with Suite P on version 7.90, how do I import the code

I found code in this link:

how do i import this zip file into suitecrm? thank you for your help in advance, michael

Module Loader

Good luck!

Thank you. I got it to upload, unfortunately it did not change anything.

are you familiar with how to resize the theme on suitecrm 7.90.

I used 7.4.3 and that theme was awesome. This 7.90 version everything is way too big and the I can only view 2.5 lines on a multiselect dropdown as opposed to 6 or 7 like before. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

thank you,



If you have installed the correct version of the theme. Now, you need to set newly installed(SuiteP Improved) theme from your Profile.