Form to confirm delegates/leads in event


I want to create a event form to comfirm assistance to an specific event
I want to know if it exists or if it is possible

I plan to develop that

Thanks in advance


Hi Martin

From Adding an Event Form, do you mean a Web to Lead form?

You can create Web to Lead from for capturing user data into CRM directly.


Thanks for answering.

I want to create a form for registration for events. I want to people register his/her assistance to events (delegates). If people dont exists first create a lead but if people is a customer or lead (By IdCard) only associate as delegate for this event

The company I work have 4 events for months first to offer its courses

I know that exists a Lead Form but I want to add event form for delegates. I didnĀ“t see that in SuiteCRM

Thanks in advance


I suppose there is no direct built in feature for the requirement you have mentioned.
You should take a look at the web services documented at the following website

This is the closest (but slightly complicated) solution which I can think of.