Float default value isn't showing up


The default value for float fields doesn’t show up.
Changes on the helptext show.
Repair won’t change anything.

Did anybody experience something similar?


Which version of SuiteCRM is this?

Which is your country language, and how do write numbers, with dot or comma?

Try entering the number with a comma instead - tell me if it works.

Also please tell me exactly in which module, which field you are trying this. Thanks

Version 7.8.7
Thousands: ,
Decimal: .
(my Windows sys is German though)

Module: Products
Field: Custom (quality rate)

If I enter in studio:
Default: 2,5
I get: “An error has occurred”

Default: 2.5
It just saves it without any issues.

Now, testing again - it’s working when I create a new product.
But editing an existing product, where these values don’t exit yet (it’s a new field), they won’t be automatically filled there.
So for existing ones, it’s probably a mass update as it seems.

Sorry … for bothering - probably just tested wrong / wrong assumption. Seems to be working :slight_smile: