Fix error can not show format option in suiteCRM report

Dear all,
I’m trying to design report in suiteCRM. I’ve create new field Date received is type Datetime. I want to design report that group to field Date Received, but when i creating new report, i am not see format option Date received field. If field by system sush as Date created, date modified… always show Format Option.
Can u help me fix this error?

Did you save and deploy the new field?

Try a Quick repair and rebuild.

Then check if you can use your new field in a view (like Studio, some module, detail view) before trying to use it in Report. Just to check the sanity of everything.

I’d repaired and rebuild and I also add new field in Detail View layout but not woking in my report. If new field is Date type then every thing OK, but Date Time type not show Format Option.
Pls check help me!

There was an issue that happened when there were TWO dates on the Report, do you have two?

Also, are you seeing your Report results directly in reports module, or from a Dashlet? Does it make a difference between the two?

No, I’ve just using 1 field Date Time (new field) in Report. No condition, i want to group by that field but not show Format Option.

And my last two questions, what is your answer, please? Thanks