First Look at 7.10 some points to check

this is a list i would share in order to let it adjust it:

  • In Dashlet creation missing LABEL LBL_SEARCH_BUTTON
  • In Calendar an error occurred when clicking any timeslot “Error while loading” , this error occurred also in 7.9.7, see screenshot

  • in Report module there’s something not working like usual. Mail and Condition TAB is badly


Also i would like to understand which main features has been included in this beta based on roadmap.


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SuiteCrm Version was not updated from Alpha -> Beta in suitecrm_version.php or the README file

I second not knowing exactly what is in the release you can sort of figure it out by looking at the merges in

I really would love if someone would create “Milestones” and tag the PRs and Issues to those Milestones and then versions.

I’m also really surprised a release was put out with the test suite failing on the develop branch which is essentially the staging/7.10 branch.

Just to pick up on this thread:

  1. Are you able to create these issues on github as that is our main platform for reviewing and prioritising. As you mention tags and milestones I assume you do have a github account. We don’t have an immediate schedule to apply milestones just yet to the releases but that is something we are looking at.

  2. Calendar - this exists on 7.9.x? That is more of a concern. I did a quick search on github and I wasn’t able to see an issue raised so if you are still experiencing it then please raise the ticket.

  3. Regards to whats in the beta releases the pre-production download page should list the features available

  4. The test suite at that point was very strict and was ‘failing fast’ but as we were working to introduce a new test suite that we expected this for our very early release. Preferably we would’ve had developer releases but we weren’t able this release cycle but that is definitely on the cards for the next major release cycle. We will not be releasing failing tests from beta 2+ onwards.