Finding new Developpers/programmers

Hello Everyone

I have someone who is selling me the idea of getting Suite CRM to do a better job.

What i want to know is this;

since this guy is the programmer and he will develop every aspect of the CRM, if he closes shop next week or next year… is it easy to find programmers for tech support and stuff like that?

thanks for getting back to me


Should be easy to find PHP developers probably not so easy to find any with experience in SugarCRM or Suite development.

You could always take out a support contract with us :wink:

It is certainly not easy to find programmers, but I could help you to find out what steps you need to take in order to find a programmer. First of all, here’s what to do before finding a programmer: make a list of features of the future app, list of platforms (mobile, web, TV, etc), UI design of the future app. Read this article to learn what to do next: