The new filtered views enable saving the search, but I can"t find how to get it back as it was before the 7.9.4.

I do not think this is an option to change it back - the 'filters" were added around 7.9.0 if not before

But I can’t open the saved search…

Once you save a “search/filter”

In that module List view you will now see “My Filters” as a dropdown :slight_smile:

I believe this auto orders in alphabetic order

Well, the button does not appears for calls and meetings. It works for accounts, contacts, and tasks.
No way to change the ordering ?

You are right I also cannot see My Filters in Calls / Meetings list view on 7.9.4

We have simply numbered our filters to deal with this but in terms of a custom coding side we have not tried


In addition, the summarry view does not display tasks done.
And the ordering by category is not handy.
I used to order the summarry by modification date, so it really shows a chronological record of the account or contact.
I do insist that this should be either the case or the user should be able to customize the summary so that it fits his needs.
Scrolling continously so as to get and idea of what has been done with the account is a loss of time.

Okay I may misunderstand but to confirm

I meant the “My Filters” dropdown auto orders the list of filters in alphabetic order

Within your advanced search and before you save it / update the saved search you can put a specific field to order the list by

For example date modified

and then choose ascending or descending

What I mean is abour the “summary” view in an account or contact view… See attachment.

You may want to put a new post regarding this as this is a separate issue :slight_smile:

I already did it, but still gat noanswer.

Hi zicrob,

The View Summary popup should include a tab for tasks along with date sorting by default. I’ll put up a PR for this tomorrow.


Thanks, but what is a “PR” ?


PR is a pull request on GitHub. I’ll link it here when its created and the fix should be included in the next release of SuiteCRM.


OK, thanks !

I have created a PR here that should resolve completed tasks not having a tab / not appearing in history -> “View Summary” along with “View Summary” not sorting each tab by date.

In regards to the saved search issue. It has been raised here and is currently a medium priority.


Thank you very much.