Filtering Contacts based on certain Account fields

Hello, We are considering using SuiteCRM base on a major roadblock we found with Zoho. We need to be able to filter the database for Contacts based for example on type of equipment that Accounts have. We provide technical support in the graphics industry and it is crucial for us to be able to send for example an email campaign to Accounts that have a certain type of machine (indicated in a custom field in Accounts). Another possible example of what we are looking for is the ability to filter the recipients (contacts) of a bulk email to be filtered based on Accounts country.

A possible work around would be the ability to automatically copy or synchronize the contents of certain fields from Accounts to Contacts. Zoho does not allow you to even do that, which would at least help partially to solve the problem.

Many people are complaining or requesting this type of features in Zoho. Is this doable in SuiteCRM? If so, we’ll switch TODAY to SuiteCRM. Any help welcome!


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Is View Filters implemented in SuiteCRM or is a SugarCRM feature?