Filter Targets by Target Lists

Hi Group,

I want to filter targets which are in a particular target group.
Studio > Targets > Layouts > Search > Advanced Search does not give mit a fitting field to do that.

How can I handle this?

The usecase behind:
For all targets in target group A

  • Massedit a field for all targets in this target group A
  • Add all users from target group A to target group B
  • Remove all user from target group A

Has someon a solution for that?

BR and thanks, Axel

The workflow module would be useful in this case to condition on the Targets you need to and from which Target List.



Hi Darren,

I found no way to get an target out of an target list within a workflow.
The other way - getting it in - was no problem :wink:

Can you describe the way to get the target out of the target list within the workflow?

Thx, Axel

PS: I love SuiteCRM :wink: