filter quick search

when i am doing a filter search on a list view, how can i search for more than one key word at a time, eg:

bluck OR blundell


You are talking about which type of field?
Simple text field?
In a multi-select dropdown we have the option to select as many key words from the list as we want.
In Text field we can only search for 1 keyword.


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yes, it is the name field, so just text
i must say i am surprised though, that i can only hunt for one name at a time?

I think you can also use % as a wildcard, so that


would find both


But this is not as generic as a OR operator, of course.

thank you
how about hunting for all records where a given feild is not blank?

is there like an end user handbook for this product?
i have looked on line - and keep getting sent to this
but dont really find any of the answers i am looking for there!

There is

But it’s just a start, it needs to be expanded and improved. It’s a Community site, you can improve it yourself :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s currently a way to search for non-blanks. Apart from code-customizations, the workaround is putting the field in the List view and use “sort” so that blanks will be in the beginning.