Filter My Open tasks based on status

Hi All,

Is there any option to list only non-completed my open tasks dashlet.?

Basically, I am looking for adding custom code in modules\Tasks\Dashlets\MyTasksDashlet module. So that, when this dashlets loads on home page then it should populate only non-completed tasks, and if a user changes its configuration to any other like in progress/Not Started/ Completed/Pending Input/Deferred then it should be based on that.


I don’t think you need any custom code.

Just click the “pencil” icon on the Dashlet header, to edit the filter options.


You can make your selection on the Status field there. Note that the field is a multi-select list box, which means you can select specific values (more than one) by holding down Ctrl while clicking.


Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t see any file updates because of this operation. Is any table responsible for saving this filter?

Also, this is a user-based solution. I am looking for global level


Found the solution:
Add following function in below file

function process($lvsParams = array()) {

    if($this->myItemsOnly) {
        //set the custom query to retrieve tasks other than completed status
        $lvsParams['custom_where'] = ' AND (tasks.status != ("Completed")) ';



I don’t see any reason to require that code, and it seems to be working fine in my system and in the live demo… try it there.

What are the credentials?

What are the credentials?

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