Filter Accounts without Contacts ?

I need to make a filter where there are no contacts (yet) in Accounts. How ?


you can make a report for this, this would be your condition

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I’m sorry to put this topic out of his grave but I’m in the same situation.
Using the Report module of SuiteCRM 7.9.7, I’m trying to get all the Accounts that have no Contact associated.
The solution above show some Accounts with Contacts and, by digging into the database, I found out something :

In the table ‘accounts_contacts’ that list relations between Accounts and Contacts, I can see a lot of lines of relations with Contacts that does not exists.
The contact_id in the table ‘accounts_contacts’ relate to nothing but if you construct a SQL request with a left join, these lines will be shown.

Do someone know how can I debug these ?

Because this problem can appear again with other reports, with other modules…

EDIT: a clue-> I think those lines in the table ‘accounts_contacts’ are old and abandoned import of Contacts…
I may be wrong on that…