Fieldtext insted of dropdown on Contacts

hi everyone,

can someone let me know how add two fields in the same line as Salutation and Firstname on contacts modules

i am trying to add Area code + phone number (separate fields) same line


'customCode' => '{html_options name="salutation" id="salutation"                          options=$fields.salutation.options selected=$fields.salutation.value}' 
       . ' <input name="first_name"  id="first_name" size="25" maxlength="25" type="text" value="{$fields.first_name.value}">',



Which SuiteCRM version?

On which view is this, and which file are you editing?

Version 7.10.4

file: /var/www/html/suitecrm/modules/Contacts/metadata/editviewdefs.php

i could do it. like this:

i created two fields

  • areacode and tel_number both text

‘customCode’ => ’ ',

however im traying to concatenate both values into the listview. as salutation + firstname + lastname in the same module

any idea how to do it?

Make sure you customize in the custom folder, only, to make the changes upgrade-safe. See this.

Then you can check out an example of overriding the List view class, so you can do what you want: