Field mapping issue exporting/importing activity records from SugarCE 5.5.4 To SuiteCRM

Hi i’m currently involved in migrating data from sugarce 5.5.4 over to the latest version of suitecrm.When I do an export on calls using the csv format and import those calls into suite crm using the import tool the calls import fine, but they are not associated with the contacts that the calls were associated to in sugarce.

The issue is there is a difference between the fields in both the platforms. I’m trying to get suitecrm to recognize activities that have been created on the sugarce side from within the activity panel of the contact where I have not manually created a relationship.

Im focused on some specific fields:

sugarce fields:


suitecrm fields:

"Related To Module","Parent to ID",

When importing the csv file I do not know how to map the sugarce contact_id field so that it maps to a corresponding contact id within suitecrm since suitecrm uses a “Related To Module” Field to distinguish between what module it is and the “Parent to ID” to map the id of the data within the particular module.

So my question is how do you get this mapping correct? I have leads, contacts without associations to accounts and contacts that are associated with accounts that have activities that are not being mapped correctly and since there is no way to map to two specific modules at the same time as far as I can tell im not going to be able to correctly associate my activities with the correct modules.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Instead of exporting and then reimporting the data, why don’t you follow all the upgrades (first I would back everything up, though: DB and files).

My understanding is that export + import may not preserve 100% of the information or that certain things may be quite tricky to achieve.

I research the upgrade path, it looks way to time consuming since I have not upgraded since two versions. I could be wrong, but it seems like upgrading requires me to do all the minor upgrades in each version.

In terms of time I think that following the upgrade path is faster.

The only issue (but this is true in whatever way you do it) may be caused by code customisations, specially if they are not upgrade safe: in order to maintain them you need first to list them and have them ready to be reimplemented and tested at the end of the whole process.

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Thank you for the reply, I prefer to do a clean install at this point and I manually redid all my customization’s. I dont like upgrading because it leaves a lot stuff behind in the DB that can cause problems in the future. I dont mind doing some work to get my data working. I just need a little help understanding how activity records are linked to modules so I can correct the associations.

Also please be aware that I have imported all my data except the activities which is the only place I am stuck at right now, and moving forward this is where I want to put my focus.

Maybe you should look at the database tables directly. If the id’s of the rest of the data have been kept the same it may be possible to achieve with a few direct queries.

Good point. Ill do some looking at this tomorrow. Thank you.