Field Customization does not deploy

Hi there,

I’m new to this system. We have tried to customize the fields in opportunities. We added the fields region (as a drop down) and practice (as a dynamic drop down) but when we save and deploy, it does not deploy. I have attached a screenshot of the layout we used to add the fields. Are we missing a step? Or we in the wrong page altogether?

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Once you have saved and deployed. try running a quick repair and rebuild to see if that might help. You can find this under Repair in the Admin panel


Thanks so much… it worked, but i have another issue… the parent and child drop downs aren’t working the way i want it to.

So I’ve created “region” as the parent drop down… and “practice” as the child (dynamic drop down). Example of what I need it to do… when i select Cape (under region), practice should automatically reflect the cape practices only, but it doesn’t do that.

I have also edited the layout.

I have attached screenshots of the the same.
What am I missing??

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set the parent as Region_list instead of region_c

HI Cameron…

So I changed it as you said I should… but it isn’t working :frowning: I have attached a screenshot of it…

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