"Field Contains" Workflow not working?

I’m not sure if this issue is a lack of understanding on my end, or something isn’t working right.

I have an SMS integraiton installed. When I receive an SMS, the CRM creates a record with the subject of “InboundSMS from XXXXXXXXXX”.

I am trying to set up a workflow based on “Subject” -Contains- “InboundSMS”.

However, the Workflow never fires, even though every inbound SMS includes “InboundSMS”

However, if I instead make the trigger “Subject” -not equal to- 34r34 (or whatever arbitrary input), the workflow will fire.

So, I use “Not Equal” the workflow fires like it should, however if I make the trigger “Starts With” or “Contains” the workflow does not fire (even though theoretically it should, since the inbound SMS records start with “InboundSMS”.

This is strange.

What are the other parameters you have in your Workflow? Repeated runs, run on , etc.?

Try turning ON Repeated runs when you’re running your tests.

Repeated Runs, Always, New Records


Can you turn your log level up to DEBUG, retry the Workflow, and see the actual generated SQL query in the logs? Look for a SELECT command including InboundSMS.

Which OS and Database are you using?