I’ve just install latest version of suitecrm. Very nice. But:

  1. when cases has created, no email was send to customer related?
  2. how can setting to retrieve email from mailbox and generate cases automatically?
  3. customer portal has built-in, or I must install some other files/script? I’ve a folder generated by installation, named portal.
    Thank you

Hi Ruberto,

1.) Ensure you have set up your Email Settings in Admin -> Email Settings and Admin -> Inbound Email appropriately.
2.) Ensure you have the AOP scheduler active in Admin -> Schedulers.
3.) I would recommend you take a look at our documentation and read the AOP user guide. You will also need Joomla and the AOP Joomla component, which can be found here.



but AOP is not open-source: it costs 97.23€ !


The AOP that is included in SuiteCRM is released under the GPL. While still a bargain at 100€ for SugarCRM, it’s included with SuiteCRM.

I think you seem to have mixed up the difference between Open Source and No-Cost-To-Acquire Software. AOP is released under the GPL Licence which means its ‘Open Source’ and gives you Freedom.