Fatal Error Exporting Contacts

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be here or under Installations. I’ve just installed, worked through some issues so it now is somewhat working. I’m trying to learn CRM at the same time.

I’m trying to export all of the demo contacts. The page clears and remains blank. I can select 1 page and save/export and it works fine.

I checked my SuiteCRM log and I have the following error:

There are other problems with CRM as well like:
The theme won’t change when I make change in admin Theme settings.
I cannot Add a tab.

Neither of these problems show up in the SuitCRM.log

Any ideas?

Please share your versions of OS, database, web server, PHP, and SuiteCRM…

The last time I saw someone complaining of something like this on these forums, they had just finished installing a 10 year-old stack with outdated MySQL and PHP : - )

Also, your other issues indicate permissions problems. You should reset your permissions.

I have faced the same issue when trying to export 6200+ leads where I got the same SQL Error at suitecrm.log.

SuiteCRM version is 7.8.2 runnig php 5.4.33, mysql 5.5 and apache 2.4.

I have fixed the issue on file include/SugarObjects/templates/person/Person.php changing line 321


               if ($where !== '') {

if ($where !== ‘’ && $where !== NULL) {