Fatal Database Error on install

I’m trying to install SuiteCRM on an Ubuntu VM – PHP 7.4. Everything seems to be going fine then I get a database error.

Thu Jun 25 18:32:55 2020 [1545][-none-][FATAL] SugarBean::populateDefaultValues $field_defs should be an array
Thu Jun 25 18:32:55 2020 [1545][-none-][FATAL] “name” field does not exists in field definition.
Thu Jun 25 18:32:55 2020 [1545][-none-][FATAL] Mysqli_query failed.
Thu Jun 25 18:32:55 2020 [1545][-none-][FATAL] Error creating table: : Query Failed: CREATE TABLE ( NULL ) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLL>

I’ve Googled for a solution for a few hours – I’ve tried to install multiple times. This is always the outcome.

Any suggestions?

SuiteCRM is not compatible with PHP 7.4 yet.

Thank you for the response.

I have switched to PHP 7.3 and I continue to have the same error