Farm Manager Module

I developed a Farm Manager module that integrates with suitecrm, its very basic but it does the job of recording my chicken flock, it only took me a few hours :ohmy: I’ve made it very generic so it can be used to manage any type of farm (poultry, sheep, cattle etc.)

i wanted something where i could ‘record keep/inspect’ all my animals at different stages by their ring tag, keep track of their age and any other information like if they are laying, about the sex, health and give each animal a rating and decision if I was going to keep it or not.

it links with accounts, contacts and tasks and invoices (if i sell the animal)

I made a simple report too but that’s not included, just a simple list for my next inspection.

if there is any interest I will post the code.

At the moment its only in English, i should translate it to Italian since i’m Italian! maybe in future :cheer: :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting us know, and for your contribution if you decide to do so.