Failure to change panel name

I’m having a problem changing the panel name, and I receive the following error:

Warning: Declaration of ViewProperty::init() should be compatible with SugarView::init($bean = NULL, $view_object_map = Array) in E:\iTSB\SuiteCRM-7.6.4\modules\ModuleBuilder\views\ on line 150

Can you help me find a solution?.

Open modules/ModuleBuilder/views/ and on line 48 change



$this->init(NULL, Array());

Then on line 80 change

function init ()


function init ($bean = NULL, $view_object_map = Array())

Save and try it again.

Although it is an old topic I encountered the same issue with my 3-day old installation from cPanel’s Softacoulous and the suggested fix solved the problem as a charm.

So my post is just to confirm it works in case some other newbee comes across this.

@wearenvi, thanks for the precise info.