Failing to create new dashlets

SuiteCRM 7.8.31. I have been unable to create new dashlets on both user and administrator home screens. Removing a dashlet works fine but when I try to add a new dashlet, it does not work. I did bring up this quite some time ago and it was suggested I should look at directory and file permissions. I did so but did not find any issues - this is on Linux, btw.

Is there any other way I can add a new dashlet to the home screens rather than trying to do it from the home screen itself?

  1. What’s your versions of: PHP? MySQL or MariaDB? Linux OS?

  2. Relevant errors in your php_errors.log and suitecrm.log logs?

I am facing dashlet issue too. I never able to fix that :melting_face: :melting_face: :melting_face:

As much as possible try to upgrade, i think this will be fixed. Had similar issues and all fixed after upgrading to 8.5

This might help:

Command line: rm -r ./cache/dashlets/*

I tried something similar, ie renaming dashlets to something else, and I found that the exact same content with one single php file was recreated.

Where is the dashlet configuration actually stored? Is it in a php file somewhere in a directory that I could conceivably edit directly or is it in the database where I could also conceivably edit the content?

I should add that I have a second installation on the same computer, same version of SuiteCRM, ie 7.8.31, same version of php, same database, and on this site adding and removing dashlets work as expected. The only difference is that the first installation was upgraded from SugarCRM 6.5 some time ago whereas the latter one - where adding and removing dashlets work - was installed directly as 7.8.31.

Does anyone have any suggestion how to find where the problem might be? Where is the dashlet configuration stored?

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