Failed to create user portal

Hi, i’ve installed the joomla 3.x extension and seted all urls, users and passwords.

But i cant create a user portal, the “Failed to create…” appears.

Checking the apache logs, i’ve found a rare error: File does not exist: /var/www/index.php.

My suitecrm and joomla are in differents subdomains, like and

What I’m missing?

Hi Jaguero,

I would ensure that you have provided the full URL path(including any http:// or https://) and also double check any user credentials.



Thanks for the reply,

Yes, re checked again and the full url is seted.

Also I’ve tested it hardcoding de url in the code. But the joomla instance return an empty response.

The joomla portal 1.1.1. is compatible with joomla 3.3.1 ?