External users cannot login

A new installation of 7.8.3. This system is an upgrade from 7.8.2. The upgrade went bad from the start, I had to update my PHP and I could not get to anything except a new install page. So this morning I went along with it and installed it again. I spent most of the day uploading information. Now the Local LAN users can connect and login no problems. The system has no firewall running. The remote users get a “invalid username / password” error. I have looked in all the admin settings I can find but I find nothing to help.

Can someone help?

Maybe try checking your logs for any errors at the time of the login failures…

Ugh, I hate to admit this after I reinstalled 3 times this morning. Someone in our office changed the port forwarding in our router to a different server! I just might kill someone.

Thanks for the help anyway