Extending products to use templates and directly related products to accounts


We have been using SugarCRM Professional for almost 10 years, but are exploring moving to SuiteCRM partly because of the move by Sugar to pull the open source version (even though we didn’t use that version, it feels underhand).

Working through mapping fields has thrown up a significant difference with the products. In SugarCRM we would use a template as the source for products which would be assigned directly to an Account as invoicing etc. is carried out in other software. With version 7.6 we can see that creating a quote with the items on it will work, although not ideal as the layout for items gives us fewer fields than we need to be able to enter data for. Also the quote line is linked to the product rather than creating a new version of it which can be edited for the individual customer.

Does anyone know of or have a suggestion of how to address this please, short of writing a whole new module (the template bit of that feels like it could be tricky?