Exporting History Subpanel?

Hi guys!

My company uses SuiteCRM but, we decided to transfer to a new CRM system that integrates with our inventory easier. (got a lot of love for SuiteCRM though!!)

I’m the one that frequently uses our CRM for keeping track of leads, I try and keep notes on my leads and our touchpoints through the history subpanel. (Honestly, not sure if that was how I should’ve been doing it, but here we are)

I’ve been able to find some very helpful resources on exporting our leads but I noticed that the resulting file never includes information from the history subpanel.

Is there a way to export information from the history subpanel?
Or if I could even get the info to just transfer into the description or status notes then export?
OR if I could just get the info from the history subpanel onto a CSV, given that it has the lead name, I could copy and paste that info into the new system?

Or does this sound like something that I’ll have to do manually?

Not sure how to go about this. :confused:

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!


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If I understand your problem correctly. You can export data from a Notes module. There are all the notes that you see in the history of all modules.

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Thank you!! That seems to work! Made a separate CSV but works just fine!