exporting data for mass update.

I know in the SugarCRM you can export data from tables. But I don’t see that functionality in Suite.


  • we have child account associations… When I imported the data from SAP I just used the Name that the business used in SAP. Well on these accounts (they are ship tos for the main accounts) the name is the street address.
  • as I work more with the data - these Names need to be updated. I want to append the parent Name to the front so that when sorting the Accounts names - the children accounts are listed with the parent account.

I was going to export the Accounts data and fix the names but can’t find the export functionality… Did SuiteCRM remove this?


Hi Tammy,

Do you have roles set which prevent you from exporting? How are you trying to export the records?



I am a system admin and have no restrictions.

in list view after you have checked some or all the records, a dropdown arrow next to ‘Delete’ will enable and give all the actions you can do, one of them should be export

Hi, I try to mass export account records and the only option I see is to export only 20 records the system shows in the listview in accounts sector. Mi question is: How can I select the all records I have (arond 700) to export at once?. Thank you in advance.

Tick boxes are next to every record in the list

you should also see a tickbox at the top of the list click the arrow and click “Select All”

This will select all records in the filter results

What if I want to export records 120,001 to 450,000 from the listview? SuiteCRM crashes when I try to export over 2,000 records. Is there s setting I can adjust so I can export those records?