Existing joomla user to Portal user

Can I use existing Joomla accounts for my contacts?

Meaning, if they are already registered with their email address in Joomla, when I click “create portal user” I get an error that the email address is already registered. Can I somehow link existing joomla accounts with the SuiteCRM portal or does SuiteCRM need to create a new joomla user?

I don’t know the answer, but I would look for it this way:

  • get the exact error message shown, saying the user already exists in joomla

  • search the codebsase for that message, you will find it in a language file

  • grab it’s identifier form (something like LBL_SOMETHING) and search the codebase for that

  • now you’re looking at the code that does that. Can you edit it to fit your needs?

I’m afraid that sounds a little beyond my knowledge scope, but I’ll give it a shot in a test environment. Thanks

Please check both your logs for errors, there should be clues there…