Exchange synchronisation - contacts_users

I am trying to setup implicit frontend exchange synchronisation, without much luck.

It looks as though contacts are only synchronised if they are assigned to a user account. The log file for implicit indicates that it is looking for the contacts in contacts_users table in suitecrm.

For some reason i was getting about 80% of the contacts copied from CRM to exchange and wondered if the contact_user table was correct.

To test it, i emptied the table and implicit no longer found any contacts to synch.

However, if i assign a user to a contact now, an entry is NOT created in contacts_users.

How does this table get populated?


ahh, the contacts_users table is populated when the sync to outlook flag is set.

Now i have the correct number of contacts in that table, but implicit is still only sunchronisign some of them - even though the assigned user is the same?


ok- seems like i have ideas above my station. Despite the sutieCRM store listing this addon with a single user fee, i received this response from Implicit…

I understand that you have registered for a trial through the SuiteCRM store. Please be aware that the Exchange gateway is an enterprise product and is meant for large companies that prefer server-side integration in order to eliminate deployment to each desktop. It’s not meant for a single user. If you are looking for a solution for yourself please try

after i explained i am seeking server side integration, i was told :

…I understand. But unfortunately, we will not be able to license this product and provide support to a single user.