Excessing carriage returns entered into emails

I have noticed an issue where SuiteCRM inserts carriage returns into an email chain causing messages to be grow in length, and making it hard to track through the message history. Worse still, these excessive carriage returns are also sent to the recipient, making the message (and the sender) look ridiculous. See the attached screenshot for an example.

Does anyone know how to prevent SuiteCRM from inserting carriage returns into messages automatically?


I do have the very same and annoying problem…
it is even worst because if many exchanges with customers (many replies between us) the email get too long and is not picked up by system…

have you found a solution?

I did report the problem and no answer…

This looks awful and indeed it would be nice to open an Issue on Github with this, with a nice short description of the minimal steps to recreate the issue.

However since there have been many changes to the email module I would say we should test this first on the new beta (7.9. release candidate) to see if the problem is still there.