Events does not show in Calendar

I created my Events with start date and duration but it does not show in Calendar, please help me

Apply the appropriate solutions to your SuiteCRM version according to error log messages.

Thanks for your reply.
I am using SuiteCRM 7.11.10 and error log messages are nothing, the Tasks and Meeting can show in Calendar but Events are not.

I am not sure that Events are supposed to show in Calendar, have you seen that before, or in one of the online demos?

Events module is supposed to handle invitation lists and participants, but the start and end dates are optional, maybe they are not used for anything…

Yes, I am sure that Events are supported to show in Calendar, I seen that on demo

Sorry, this might be a bug then.

Normally the problem comes from Timezone settings, I am afraid some parts of the code aren’t well tested with non-default timezones.

Maybe try a few tests with different timezones, and keeping an eye on your logs

Thanks for your reply, I fixed

That’s good to hear.

Can you please share how you fixed it, to help others in the future?