Event delegates export / import

How can I export the delegates of an an event?

Also, how can I import delegates to an event?

I don’t think the option exists. Events module is a peculiar module in SuiteCRM…

I would try getting a list from Reports, maybe its possible.

If not, you’re probably better off just getting the list from the database with a clever SQL SELECT command.

Thanks for the reply. Out of curiosity, why would you characterize this module as “peculiar”?

I think historically it was made by SalesAgility for a client, following his requirements, and later donated into SuiteCRM. But I might be making this up, I am not sure, I wasn’t involved with the project at the time.

It’s not the typical SuiteCRM module that uses the normal List views, Detail views, etc. It has peculiar things, like buttons to change fields (invited/accepted), etc.

I think it’s a useful module and I really hope it gets more developed one day.

Thanks for elaborating further! I would agree with you that this module, although very useful, it does not look like a typical SuiteCRM module. The possibility to import and export delegates would make this far more useful I think.

Now that I start thinking about it, I wonder if you can’t do exactly what you want simply be importing Targets or Contacts or Leads, and then adding those into the event as delegates?

The full requirement is the following:

  1. You have Event X
  2. To this Event X you add as delegates 100 contacts that exist in the system already
  3. Then you need to be able to export this list of delegates to Excel and send them to someone who will actually invite those people to the event (outside of SuiteCRM)
  4. Then this external person will send back this Excel with the additional information of who attended. The updated Excel should then be imported into the event to mark some of the delegates as “attended”.

I see. I guess to do that you really need to devise some extra customizations or database-level imports/exports.