Event Calendar Syncing

I was excited to see events were integrated into SuiteCRM, but I was disappointed to realize they would not sync through iCal. I have multiple events and meeting scheduled in CRM, but only the meeting show up in my G-Calendar, which is synced through iCal. It would be great to have everything that shows up on my CRM calendar show up in synced calendar.

This is a new feature, and it’s in Beta. I guess the community member who provided that feature (@apatheticCosmos) didn’t use Events, and it never occurred to him to include them in the Sync… :slight_smile:

Maybe you can open an Issue on GitHub asking for this enhancement.

You can sync events via CalDAV with https://github.com/gunnicom/SuiteDAV
Only one-way-sync (Suite -> CalDAV-Client) is supported for now. And it is still more like an alpha release.

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Is this implementation only for Outlook?

I only tested it with Outlook and CalDAVSynchronizer, but should work with other CalDAV clients as well.