Errors after Step 5 of import

have a new install of SuiteCRM using the Bitnami Stack.
I am importing 147 leads records from an excell spreadsheetServer response

Step 4 took 1,983.67 seconds. This can’t be right.

Got to Step 5.

It says importing records then:

Import Errors Occurred
NOTICE: [8] Undefined index: LBL_ERROR_INVALID_UTDYNAMICENUM on line 492 in file C:\Bitnami\suitecrm\apps\suitecrm\htdocs\modules\Import\Importer.php

And nothing imports.

Any ideas?


Try importing a small subset of your leads and see what happens

Does this error show in SuiteCRM or are you refering to the logs ?

If it appears in SuiteCRM then you need to change you error logging this will not be helping with importing data.

Yep I see what’s happening now, as above turn off notices in your php.ini

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Just ran into this issue myself, thanks for the info.

I took a look in my php.ini but the value “display_errors = Off” was already set.

In the end I added this line to the top of my ‘suitecrm/htdocs/data/SugarBean.php’ file:

error_reporting(0); // Turn off all error reporting

That did the trick!