Error - Workflow


I have made 2 WF’s that are executed in Opportunities and in “New Register”. This WF create a new task.

But always i change any opportunity register, wf were executed and create another task.

Can anyone help?


1 week without help?

Come one people, anyone?

I don’t understand the question.

What are you trying to accomplish in detail?

What have you tried to do to resolve the issue yourself?

What is not working?

There are no details for anyone to grab onto in order to help you.

This maybe help to understand my issue.

I had created a WF, that runs when any user creates a Opportunity. This WF check field “Viabilidade Prévia” and creates a Task.

But if i change the field “Viabilidade Prévia” after it’s runs again and create another task.

You have to mess around with your conditions.

Your work flow is doing exactly what you are telling it to do.

Your conditions say “every time that this field is this value (no) create a task”

I don’t know exactly what conditions you need but the work flow is doing exactly what you told it to do.

Experiment with the conditions until you get the behavior you want.

But if i don’t understood wrong, i have the option to run on New Records. So, why it runs on Modified records too?

That’s the best I can help you.

Hopefully you can experiment trying different things to get what you want or someone else can help you now that you’ve uploaded a picture.

Thank you anyway…

I’m already tried to do all the test that i’m remember… I think that is a bug.