Error with Contact relate field 'select' option

The select button (arrow icon) next to the contact related drop down field in opportunities is not working when it is clicked.

The error console shows this:
‘undefined’ is not an object (evaluating ‘this.form.billing_account.value’)

How can I fix this? I have other contact related fields in the edit view and they work fine.

Hi there,

Are your permissions set correctly? Have you run a Quick Repair & Rebuild in Admin -> Repair?



check if any error is there or not . by pressing f9.
if any error is there try to rectify it. or if no error is there.

then go to,
System->Repair->Repair JS files.
System->Repair->Rebuild Js Grouping Files.and at last.
Ststem->Repair->Quick Repair and Rebuild.

and one more issue, if ur running this on server, then do one thing give permission the root folder. and repair it will work . because in sever it happens sometime.
most of the cases, just give permission the root folder, clear the cache, and repair. it works fine.


I found the problem.
It was because I removed the account field from the views and it was linked to them.

Now it is working fine right. :unsure: