Error while installing: Cannot load DB manager

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to install a fresh new instance of SuiteCRM. In the step 5 of 8 of the wizard (Database Configuration), after providing the usual data (username, password, database, etc.) I can’t proceed with the installation and I get the “Cannot load DB manager” error message.

I’m working on a server that is running many instances of SugarCRM CE 6.5.x, so I feel SuiteCRM should install properly without many issues.

Any ideas on what can I do?

Thank you very much in advance,


I found a few posts on the forum with similar issues,

One said:
I found the issue, the hosting panel (Plesk) changes the folder rights after a couple minutes.
The issue is fixed with a little / fast workaround: creating a bash script that changes the folder rights every minute.

Another said:
B) Solved. I just needed to enable cookies for http://localhost/SuiteCRM.

There was also a post on this blog:
After running all the checks and starting the update from the wizard, all you get on every page is “Cannot Load DB Manager” with no other messages in the log. After playing around some, I change my configuration which specified “mysqli” to “mysql” and magically it worked.

Do any of these suggestions help your issue?

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Hi John,

First of all, thank you for your answer some months ago and forgive my silence.

I had already seen these posts you mentioned but none of them applied to my case.

As it was an “experimental project” in order to evaluate SuiteCRM, I abandoned it until having some more time to look dipper into this question.

Finally, some weeks ago, our hosting provider upgraded our servers and after that I could install SuiteCRM with no issues. So it seems there was something in our old server configuration that caused the problem, although we had dozens of SugarCRM instances running properly.

That’s all. I can’t contribute with relevant info for those having a similar issue, but I thought I should close the topic properly.

Thank you again.


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