Error when using Studio

Running a fresh install of SuiteCRM version 7.1.4, installed using Softaculous. After installing, I ran Quick Repair and Rebuild and then ran the diagnostic tool. The diagnostic tool always stalls out unless I uncheck the three options related to MySQL.

In studio, when I clicked Add Field, this is the error I got:

I “fixed” this by adding a few lines of code to modules/ModuleBuilder/views/view.modulefield.php

Here is the code I added:

if(!isset($module->mbvardefs) || is_null($module->mbvardefs)) {
   $module->mbvardefs = new stdClass();

Got it from here: Patch to fix a Warning “Creating default object from empty value” #143

Looks like I can add fields now. Diagnostic tool still stalls out at “Getting… Database info… Database dumps… Database schema.” so that problem is probably unrelated.

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Good fix! I think this would work also :

if(empty($module->mbvardefs)) {
   $module->mbvardefs = new stdClass();