Error When uploading a pdf document.

Version 7.8.1
Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)

I am able to upload documents using the documents subpannel in opportunities, jpg, .doc, .txt. but unable to upload .pdf documenets, the record is created however the attachment is not present on the note.

I am not sure what to check. any advise is appriciated

Sometimes the web servers have restrictions on file types that can be uploaded…

thanks, I am using Amazon AWS,

AWS does not have any restrictions on upload of pdf,

I seem to remember someone had a similar problem a while back, but I can’t remember if there was a way to solve it.

Can you try perhaps another pdf, or a smaller pdf (maybe it’s too big?)?

Can you check the database and the file system and see what happens there with those documents?

Can you check your logs to see if there is any error?

SOLUTION FOUND the error in the log is unsupported file type, strange that some PDFs will upload and some will not, I found a thread that indicated to reboot the server and reload the php.ini file. This appears to have corrected issue… so far. I have successfully loaded the specific PDF that would not upload previously

hi i have the same issue. Will it be possible to document the steps that you took to resolve this? Your advice will be much appreciated