Error when importing contact in suitecrm

hello I tryed to import in my database Version 7.11.13
Account and contacts
For account it was ok (11000 lines)
For Contact I have a big problem the system stops after creating 100 contacts
I have an error message that I dont know how to fix .

the contact file came from another suite crm and the file seems ok (3000 lines)
all the size of memory are at the maximum and the size of the file is 700KO

Many thanks for your help

Hello @Livaille ,
This is just a warning message about some variables and it is not a fatal type error so It will not affect import execution. You can ignore this, it is showing you on screen because in your php.ini settings it is set as display_errors = on.
You can turn off by yourself or ask your hosting provider.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Urdhva Tech

thank you but php is off and the import stops after 100 lines (my file has 3000 lines)

If your php display_errors are off you won’t have such message on your screen.
SuiteCRM Works import in batch with 100 records. So in next call it fails because of the error shown on screen.
Make sure you have turn off display error.


ok will check
many thanks

We reinstalled PHP 7.3 and now it works

Oh, that’s good to know!