ERROR when attemping to create Contact lists?!

Hello everybody,

i am using Suite 7.2.1 in my company and we want to prepare and execute more or less “big scaled” marketing campaigns with serveral email - material.

THis material is all created with built-in editor and now some of these “articles” are ready to be shipepd out to our potential customers.
In order to do that, we created an exerpt for all the existing adresses from the “Firm”- contacts (not a contact yet but could turn into a lead).

We exported the chosen list of campaign-adresses to an external .csv file - just to have it as a reallife copy/ representation of the said list.

Anyway, when we try to convert the chosen 145 company entires (adresses) via the context menu after rightclicking , form simple adress entires into a more usefull contact-list, theres nothing happening: if you open the newly created contact list - theres not a single entry to find, where there should be 145.
Can u please help me how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance for all answers! :slight_smile:
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