Error uploading logo on Bluehost

Just installed SuiteCRM version 7.10.22 LTS on our shared Bluehost environment and tried updating company logo. Getting an error:
$mod_strings.LBL_LOGO (Broken Image), previously with latest version install via softaculous of 7.11.10 this logo upload issue was not there.

Tried repair & rebuild, renamed logo file, changed permissions !!! Nothing works.

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I moved your post - it’s better to start your own thread… please see more guidelines here:

I’d like to help by checking a few things about your installation - namely, that ownerships and permissions are ok.

  1. In Admin / Schedulers, what do the instructions at the bottom say, exactly?

  2. Do you have console access, like SSH? If so, please tell me the results of the command ls -al given from your SuiteCRM root directory.