Error upgrading from 7.10.36 to 7.11.0

I am in the process of porting an app on version 7.10.11 to 8. To this end and reading the upgrade guide I first try to move the app version to version 7.12.8

Right now I am moving from version 7.10.36 to 7.11.0. Two unexpected behaviors occur in the update process

  1. After the step of uploading the update package, in the include/SugarCache/SugarCache.php file, the cleanDir method is lost. To solve it, before taking the next step, I restore the method in the file

  2. The same thing happens in the Preflight Checks step. In this case, the getMimeType method is lost in the include/SugarTheme/SugarTheme.php file. I solve it in the same way as before, I restore the method

Once the above is done, I reach the final step, here the following error occurs if I visit the administration view:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Zend_Search_Lucene_Document' not found in

If I visit the view of another module I get this error:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Interface 'Zend_Validate_Interface' not found in

The above error does not happen in all modules

The installed php version is 7.4. In the rest I adapt to the suggested compatibility matrix

Any idea how to solve this scenario to continue with the other migrations?

Thanks in advance for assistance

I would try upgrading directly to a higher sub-version of 7.11. So, instead of trying 7.11.0 (which might have bugs that were later corrected), go for 7.11.23, for example.

Thanks a lot. It has worked correctly. Then it has been easy to move to version 7.12.8

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